torsdag 28 maj 2009

Haskell Platform, I'm in love

Sitting here with my shiny new laptop, I can tell already it's going to increase my productivity multifold. No more waiting 5 minutes or more for haskell-src-exts to compile!

I'm going through the standard motions, first install is Opera of course since I can't stand IE more than the time it takes me to type . And I need a browser for everything else I want to install.

Second install is GH... no! Halfway through the download I realize my error. No longer will I have to go through the chain of installing GHC, cabal, alex, happy, etc. Haskell Platform, yay! One download, one installer, and I'm ready to roll. A most pleasant experience I must say, and everything seems to work perfectly out of the box on my 64-bit Vista. Way to go, glorious Haskell community!

4 kommentarer:

  1. The "first install is Opera" part warms my heart :D

  2. Farre: I should have added: And don't forget to set opera:config|User Prefs|History Navigation Mode = 3, and change keyboard shortcuts to Opera 9.2 Compatible. I don't suppose you could put in a word for these to become the defaults again? Especially the 9.5 compatible shortcuts are just horrible (FF wannabe...) ;-)

  3. At least you _can_ change it, and I guess that those who actually want shortcuts the 9.2 way are those who would know how to change between sets.

    Regarding 'History Navigation Mode' I don't really know. A first step would to have actual symbols instead of numbers indicating which setting is used, but isn't 'automatic' a sane default setting?

  4. I suppose automatic would be sane if it wasn't so inaccurate. I want fast mode for the vast majority of pages, but in automatic mode it seems I get "compatible" for any page that uses client-side dynamics. An example (which is what bothers me the most) is vB forums, for which fast mode works just like you want, in particular the ajax stuff that you've executed (like quick posts) is retained when using the back button. Why would I ever want to return to the way the thread looked before I posted in it?

    As for shortcuts, as long as I can set the shortcuts as I want them then I'm content. It's mostly the policy decision that irks me, that Opera would adopt something more mainstream to be more similar to FF, instead of keeping that which sets it apart. It should really be the Opera (as in 9.2) settings that are default, and "Firefox Compatible" that is the option. But I guess living on the edge isn't always easy eh? :-)